why st Jax?

st-augustine-florida-usa-2021-08-26-18-13-03-utc (1).jpg

the word 'ST JAX'?

with growth and both those who have been here for generations and those new to this area are connecting in new ways.

We understand that St Augustine and Jacksonville are two unique cities with their own culture and spirit.

However, the divide is closing and people do life, study, business, and church moving between both cities.

So we want to celebrate

all that is glorious about this whole area and connect the people of this region by using a new NAME,


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Finding HOME in the Promised Land of Florida USA.


Like the thousands of other people led to this stunning part of the USA, we are filled with such a sense of expectation for what God wants to do in this region. So we join with the incredible church, business, education and political leaders who have already made such a difference here and created such a thriving region.

Our great friends at Reverb Church here in St Johns, generously invited us to North East Florida here to collaborate in church planting and multiplication as they know our passion to pioneer, and to raise and release people into their kingdom purpose.

We are both in our late forties, married for 23 years, have 4 gorgeous daughters and have pioneered churches in Gold Coast Australia, released teams into Bali, Indonesia and Chicago, USA; then spent the last 7 years in Montreal, Quebec and now St Jax, Florida!

After 7 years in the most unreached region in North America, in Quebec, launching a life giving church in multiple locations in a city where less than 0.01% of people knew Christ, we feel like we have come home to an environment where our family can flourish and our hearts desire to live in the USA has come to fruition.

We can't believe we get to live here!

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