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Because we know how important it is for us to stay connected and do life together, we have created various spaces to gather. These also allow us to share the fun, authenticity, excellence and devotion we so value, and fulfill different aspects of our mission.

See you there!
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RHangs are fun, social gatherings with the purpose of bringing people together and welcoming visitors and newcomers into our community. They exist to see


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RGroups are dedicated to intentional connection and designed for people who want to explore building life-giving friendships and are ready to commit to regular meetings. They exist to see RELATIONSHIP RESTORED.

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RCourses are online classes we create to foster growth and transformation. They explore various curriculum that focus on personal and spiritual development. They exist to see CULTURE REFORMED.

Lead a RConnect

Approximately every two weeks you will lead an online connect group to create an intentional place for connection and care of people over the summer! 

Lead a RHang

A one - two hour hang out somewhere in a park, back yard or outing purely for the purpose of building community. It can be limited in number and has a registration process that will be administered for you. You simply get to invite people, show up and host/connect, and let us know afterwards how it went!

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