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Rkids will be a safe and fun-based learning environment, where our children will grow their personal relationship with Jesus, develop a passion for the House of God and find incredible mentors and friends to encourage them on their faith journey. Each week our children will have the opportunity to worship together, interact with engaging teaching that will allow them to discover more about the truth of Jesus mixed with lots of intentional fun along the way.

Early Childhood

Our philosophy at Rkids is that you are never too “young” to know the love of Jesus. So in all our gatherings we create a nurturing environment for this age group filled age-specific lessons that will capture their attention and imagination pointing them towards Jesus.


In their early years of schooling children are looking for a place they can both belong and have FUN. So we will program in such a way that they will begin to build friendships with others their age, and leaders passionate about their future, in a fun filled environment that will ignite the kingdom fire within them.

At Rkids the safety of all involved in our programs is of highest priority. Therefore, all of our leaders and volunteers will all undergo a screening process upon joining the team that includes a thorough background check. We also provide all team members with regular training in both our emergency procedures and child protection policies. These team requirements allows us to ensure our duty of care towards all entrusted into our program.

(Please note: must be completed individually per child)

If you do not get a chance to do this before you arrive for the first time then just plan an extra 2-5 minutes per child at check-in.

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