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TO Train & Develop

the KINGDOM leader within you

Looking for a way to grow your God-given talents for kingdom influence? So if you are either on Team or have considered joining our Team then the Resurgent Leadership Academy is a great place to receive personalized training and development.


You will be in rooms or online with phenomenal people on mission to make a difference in their world. 


This year we are offering courses ONLINE through our Academy Platform, with opportunities to gather live for Team Church.

Your journey as a Resurgent ACADEMY STUDENT will inspire you to reach higher, dream bigger, take bolder steps & pursue all that God has called you to.

What to Expect?


As a Resurgent Team Member you have the opportunity to grow those God-sized dreams in your heart. It is connecting your dreams to Kingdom Purpose where the magic and growth happens. 

These are just some of the teams needed for growing church together, but there will be many more that begin over time.

Next Steps Team
An excellent opportunity to develop in pastoral, discipleship, and leadership skills.  Opportunities are available to serve in various areas of ministry from database administration, to phone calls to new people, discipleship of new believers, pastoral care etc.

Resurgent Young Adults  
Designed to equip those who are passionate about ministering to young adults. You will gain experience in strategic planning events management, facilitating connect groups, pastoral care and much more. You will be actively involved in the connect groups, University outreach and social Events.  

Resurgent Youth Ministry  
This internship is targeted at those who are passionate about seeing young people make a stand for their generation. You will be taught how to connect with, disciple and mentor young people. You will also learn how to run an effective connect group, high school outreach programs, community outreach programs, youth camps and a large-scale of events and programs.

Kids and Family Ministry  
A huge opportunity to be a part of a team that has a passion to see children actively living their lives for God. You will be involved in planning, hands on engagement, organizing events with kids, preaching, connecting with parents and most importantly speaking into the lives of the kids.  
Media & Communications  
You will add to your experience, media planning, brainstorming of ideas, marketing and communication skills. From graphic design to video editing, this is the perfect opportunity to put your creative skills to use through our various church multimedia, flyers, signage and other printed media in communicating the heart and vision of the church.  
Worship or Production  
If you have a heart for worship then this is the team for you. In this team you will develop skills in the overall creative ministry program, from music teams, to backing vocals, dance, drama, lighting, production and set design.  
Events Management  
A lot of what we do as a church runs around big events. In this team you’ll be involved in planning, coordinating and running our events. This includes development of run sheets, catering and stage/foyer design. Events cover conference, leadership nights, church family events, weekend services etc.
Administration (The A Team)
This team will develop your skills in the business side of managing a local church. You will be involved in areas such as finance, facility support and general administration. You’ll be exposed to local church policy in areas such as human resources, staff development and funding. 




We believe that you come into the Academy carrying the commitment to influence in some arena or mission that we have... whether it be joining one of our Prayer Tribes for Marketplace or Education, Alpha, City Hearts, Compassion or your own God-given arena of influence! 


Our desire is to always connect what you do within the church to the God-given dreams in your heart.


So essentially you are on mission with us and we are on mission with you!! 


Register today!!!! The best days are now! 


YEAR 1 - Personal Leadership


Year 2 - Pastoral Leadership

There’s more within you and we would love the opportunity to call that greatness out of you through the Resurgent Leadership Academy where we can train and develop the LEADER WITHIN YOU!


You were born to influence 

You were born to make a difference 

You were born to reform culture and carry renewal into the earth 

You have unique gifts and grace on your life that will usher heaven onto your earth


We want to help you discover your unique design, develop that for kingdom purpose. We want you to win! To succeed! To live significantly! 


We want to release you into those arenas where God is calling you with the spiritual authority and emotional resilience that comes from knowing you are being SENT ON MISSION into your world!


The strengths that you carry matter.

You can use those strengths for service - both within the local church context and within the arenas, you are called to.


You can be what the bible refers to as Kings and Priests. You carry Royalty and represent Heaven to your Earth! 


Serving on Team at Resurgent is entry point expectation to this Academy Training because it helps us recognize gifts on your life. Then we raise the measure of kingdom effectiveness in you locally week-by-week, and then release you into your world!


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