The issue of motive was at the heart of Jesus’ first words on fasting. The fact of the matter is a spiritual activity, like fasting, can become an attempt to seek the admiration and applause of people. Jesus understood this pitfall and wanted us to avoid it. Instead of worrying about others, our focus should be on seeking the God who knows our hearts.

The kind of fasting that God honors is about putting our focus on Him. And when we do that, Jesus promises that God will see what others cannot and reward it!

As we continue in our 21 days of prayer and fasting, continue to make God’s attention your aim and be encouraged that He is going to reward you as a result of this season!



Maybe you've already seen God move. If so, press in for the MORE that He has for you! Maybe you're still believing for it. If that's you, keep pursuing Him! And know that you are surrounded by a community who stands with you and shares your dreams for God's best for every aspect of your life, and for those around you.

God truly rewards heartfelt faith, and when you look back over what He has done over the course of this 21 days of prayer and fasting, your love for Him will be deeper than ever! Why don't you take some time now to reflect and journal on the last few days, and make it a practice to write down your prayers, thoughts and reflections for the rest of this journey?

You, friend, ARE the right person, and right here is the RIGHT place!