As I read this scripture, I’m reminded immediately of God’s heart for Montreal. This scripture is all about God wanting to restore Jerusalem to its original purpose.

Quebec used to be a very influential province, from many different spheres – stock exchange, Olympics, business opportunities – everyone had their eyes on Quebec and the potential for it to lead us forward in our nation. This place was built to worship God, we see the evidence of this as we walk the streets of Montreal and see breath taking cathedrals and churches on every single street corner.

Over the years, Montreal as a city and Quebec as a province has seemed to have lost its place. It has slipped under the radar, but don’t count Quebec out just yet because it is time to bring Montreal, Quebec back onto the map! The world is beginning to recognize our province’s potential, and Montreal is once again becoming attractive to so many people around the world.

We have everything here, from amazing food to great educational and business opportunities. We believe that through all of this, God is setting up a restoration of His church in bringing it back to front and centre relevance in people’s everyday lives. He is calling people from other nations, from around the world, even locals to have been here for years to now rebuild the church and bring the gospel of Christ back to its center. Sometimes, it takes people to come from afar to be able to see or recognize the opportunity in front of us. When we are in an environment for so long, we can sometimes get so accustomed to it that we begin to live in a spirit of familiarity – not seeing what is right in front of us. Montreal is a perfect example of just this, a hidden gem.

Montreal itself is so significant to the restoration of Canada as a nation, as we have so many people coming through this city every year. We have people immigrating here from every walk of life. We have four major universities, calling people from all over the world to come. At Resurgent, we have seen so many students come from other nations to study and as they continue their studies here they begin to recognize that their call here to Montreal was about so much more than just school but it was to build the house of God.

The church’s voice is Quebec will only grow louder, so loud that people will have no choice but to turn their heads this way. Across the globe, businesses, politics, and schools will begin to turn their attention to the church to ask for direction and vision for the future. R1000 is all about this, seeing the influence of the church grow to the thousands in the city of Montreal.

The scripture says “he has endowed you with splendor”. Today, ask God what specific gift he has given you to honour him in this season. How can you use this unique gift to bring the relevance of Jesus back to front and center relevance in the lives of the people around you?

- Carlo Marroni

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