It is a new week and a new opportunity to lean into the spiritual momentum that we are experiencing in this Prayer and Fasting time together. Maybe you are ready to jump on board, or freshen up your fasting with something different. There are so may ways to set aside this time for Jesus. The scripture today perfectly reminds us of a few things 1. There is nothing like what we get to do TOGETHER! There is momentum in flying with others. Have you seen the images on social media of the birds flocking together that look like clouds in the sky? It quite literally looks like a storm brewing. This is the image the writer to portraying. This is what salvation will look like in the multitudes as momentum hits your life, our House,  our city, province, nation and beyond. It will be unstoppable. The second revelation is this 2. We see people flying into HIs House pure and blameless in His presence because of Jesus.  Doves and turtle-doves were the only birds that could be offered in sacrifice, as they were clean according to the Mosaic law. It was an emblem of purity. This is our life because of what Jesus did on the cross for us, taking our place and absorbing all our sin, guilt and shame. Now we enter His presence as living sacrifices, holy and blameless.  Andrew reminded us today in the House of God as we took communion together that we can do that every day to remember the finished work of Jesus. The third revelation is this 3. The safest place for people in the wild and crazy world, is into the arms of Jesus. Every human being on the planet needs this revelation. In their wild state doves generally build their nests in the clefts of rocks, but here the illustration is Jesus Christ, the rock of salvation. The revelation that we are saved, holy, pure and blameless by the power of the Holy Spirit. Here is where we find peace, another emblem the dove represents. Nothing missing and nothing broken. Wholeness. Lets pray today for MOMENTUM that people would flock to the House of God, for salvation. Amen

- Pastor Vanessa

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