With so many decisions to make, it can be hard to know where to spend your time, but the Apostle Paul points us toward one daily decision that will change the trajectory of every other decision we make.  He calls the Thessalonian Christians (and us) to pray continually, because talking to God realigns our thinking and our priorities in a way that directly impacts every decision we make.

One of the wonderful things about a season of fasting is that it helps us to put Paul’s words into practice because our empty stomachs remind us to! 

Make it a priority to invite God’s direction into every part of your day. Be encouraged that in these 21 days, you are going to experience God’s leading in every area of your life as you draw close to Him!



How is your prayer and fasting going? Is this your first time of prayer and fasting? Are you finding that you are hearing God a bit more clearly? Are you struggling?

Whatever your experience, keep pressing in and know that the Holy Spirit IS working deeply in you whether you feel it or not. God sees your heart and your desire to be closer to Him, and in His tender love, He WILL honor your desire for greater intimacy with Him, for above all things, real and abiding relationship between YOU and Him is what He wants too, especially!

Remember: YOU are the right person, and you are in the RIGHT place!

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