If we’re not careful, we can easily place the people in Scripture on a pedestal. We can feel they do life in a different dimension. But the Bible reminds us again and again of what James makes crystal clear—men and women who populate the pages of Scripture, like Elijah, were just like us.

They had the same struggles. They had good days and bad days. They had wins and losses. They had ups and downs.

They were just like us, but James includes a critical component of Elijah’s life that led him to experiencing God’s power in his life.

He “prayed hard.”

God didn’t halt the rain because Elijah was such a great guy. God halted the rain because he prayed with faith-filled passion. For James, Elijah is a shining example of what he writes in James 5:16 “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results”.

When we recognize that the heroes of the faith in the Bible were just like us, it will change the way we pray.

We will pray with the confidence that the same God who came through for them will come through for us!



Today's passage reminds us of the danger of dismissing ourselves as having the qualities of the faith and humanity such as the magnitude of those who are written in the Bible. To believe this lie is to deny the humanness of those through whom God worked in Old and New Testament times, and the truth that He still does so today ... through YOU!

You ARE the right person for Him to use as His ambassador, His son, His daughter, His vessel through whom He will shine and bring Kingdom's Light and His Love to our world!