The herds (or multitudes in some versions): the Hebrew word means “inundation or overflowing waters”. So, the image which is given is of a massive number of camels covering the land. The camels were the primary “beasts of burden” in Arabia and were also known as the “the ship of the desert”. But these young camels were dromedaries, a very valuable species of camel found mainly in Arabia with 1 hump on its back (the Bactrian camel has 2 humps). These camels were incredibly fast, covering as much ground in 1 day as Arabia’s best horses would cover in 8 or 10 days! It was these amazingly fast and valuable animals which brought the wealth of neighbouring Midian (Midian was Abraham’s 4th son) and Ephah (son of Midian) to build God’s temple. While Sheba is a wealthy land which we also learn about when the Queen of Sheba goes to visit King Solomon to see for herself if he is indeed as wise as people say. When she finds out his wisdom is even greater than imagined, she leaves a multitude of gifts including large quantities of spices, gold and precious stones.

The point is that enormous amounts of wealth would be brought from surrounding countries on an incredible number of these majestic and crazy fast camels for the purpose of rebuilding God’s house.

Similarly, we believe Jesus is transforming Montreal. He is calling us to co-labour with Him to reestablish Montreal as one of the great cities for God. Resurgent has a big heart and big vision for this city. We pray you would join us on this amazing adventure Christ has called us to.

- Peter T.

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