Isaiah 60:5 “Then you will look and be radiant, your heart will throb and swell with joy; the wealth on the seas will be brought to you, to you the riches of the nations will come.”

In this verse, the prophet Isaiah is declaring this over God’s people who had been in oppressive exile as they were returning to their home, Jerusalem, to rebuild the temple. They were experiencing a crisis of faith because of the opposition that they were facing re-building God’s house. We can sometimes feel that too in this city that we call home, Montreal. It has been attacked and oppressed because of political and religious controversies. Because of this, many people and businesses have not only left the church, but have left the city as well leaving what once was the most prosperous city in Canada.

This promise in Isaiah 60:5 is a promise for us here in Montreal in the present day. As our heart breaks over our city and the lost people who don’t know Jesus, we can believe God’s promise that His people WILL return to their home and to their relationship with Him. Something is shifting. You can feel it. I love that God’s Word says that our broken hearts will be replaced with hearts that “throb and swell with joy” as we witness this resurgence of people returning home, returning to God, and to a spiritual awakening; businesses returning and bringing great wealth and prosperity back. We can confidently declare this promise over this city, our city Montreal. WE can and we will declare this over our church, our home, our workplace, our school and our neighbourhood. He will bring His people back home. And we will be radiant when we look up and see God’s promise being fulfilled: people flocking to our church, and other amazing churches in this city to see who this Jesus is who makes us radiant with joy, and they too will find the joy that living for Him brings.

It makes my heart throb and swell when I reflect on the fact that I get to participate in that! I want to be there to see God fulfill His promise in Isaiah 60:22 “the least of you will become a THOUSAND, the smallest a mighty nation.” I’m claiming this promise for our church, and for my small business as well. That may seem like a bold declaration, but my God is a miracle working God, and I don’t want my business to reach a thousand members to make my name great, but to make HIS name great! This can and will only happen in His power and by His grace. My dream is that from that abundance, I will sow into building His Kingdom here in Montreal, and beyond. I love that our Legacy Ministry gives us the opportunity to co-labor with God, through our finance, in the work that He’s doing to transform this city and its people. THAT makes me radiate with joy and fills me with divine purpose. There’s nothing better than that.


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