Nehemiah’s praying and fasting resulted in an unprecedented response from the king. Not only did the king allow him to go help in the repair, but he sends security and timber with Nehemiah to help with the reconstruction!

God delights to do more than we can ask or imagine, especially when we choose to humble ourselves and pray.

You can rest assured that not only is God going to answer as you continue to seek Him, but He’s going to answer in even bigger and better ways than you could have ever thought possible!


The GOD of MORE:

Have you ever asked God of something, and then He not only answered that prayer, but added onto it more of His extraordinary? God is lavish with His love, and delights in soaking us with even more than we've asked, or could ever imagine! Our God is the God of MORE!

We DO have a good, good Father!

Share your testimony below of a time that God over-delivered on your prayer request - and as we read them, let's remember that what He will do for one of His children, He will do for every one of us!