Day 19

In our fast-paced society, if we’re not careful, we can put the same expectations on God as to how and when our prayers should be answered—our way, right away.

God desires to move in and through our prayer life, but His way is not always the way we would envision it. In the preceding verse, Jesus provided instruction for us when it comes to how we should approach prayer.

Seems easy, right? Jesus promises that we will receive when we ask, but actually receiving the answer is far from instant most times.

And in the waiting, we must remember the words of Jesus and “keep on asking.” A continuous, never-giving-up attitude takes root in our hearts as we press through because God desires to do more in us through the process.

But we can rest assured, even when we don’t see the answer in our timing, we can be confident that God will answer!



It's tempting isn't it to give up asking of God after the umpteenth time? Yet Jesus teaches us, in one of our House's favorite Scriptures, to continuously ask, seek, and knock. Why?

Could it be that in continually asking, we are in continual conversation with God, and we learn what to ask for that is in harmony with God's will? In the passionate seeking, we find ourselves in face to face communion with Christ? In the knocking, exercising our trust that the door will be opened? Could each step lend to greater focus for the next?

Let's not give up asking of God, conversing with God, seeking His Face and daring to knock for the door to be opened! God loves persistent prayers of faith, for remember what follows:

“Everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened” (Matthew 7:8).

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