I love that, salvation and praise throughout the city!

Isaiah 60 speaks of God’s promise to rebuild the church. Previously God’s people were taken out of the promise land for going against His will, for living lives of destruction, war and crime instead of salvation, joy, freedom and peace. Isaiah 60 gives the promise that God will not abandon his people, and that he is rebuilding the city, the people, the church to how he had intended it to be. Verse 18 specifically says that salvation and praise is what this rebuilt city will be surrounded and filled with.

As I walk the streets of Montreal, drive through the province of Quebec and travel across Canada, my nation, I get so excited that this promise is also for me and for all of us. That God is working with us to rebuild and that the center, the core of it all is salvation and praise. Knowing Jesus at a young age and being brought up in Montreal one thing I had to remind myself recently is that God has already started to rebuild Montreal, he is already in action, he is not waiting for a specific moment where everyone will suddenly wake up and see his greatness. He is here, with us, for us and works through us to bring light, to make his praises LOUD and for us to be carriers of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Salvation is such a powerful word! It means delivered, free, saved. No more crime, no more destruction, no more addictions, no more shame, no more anxiety, depression, no more suicide, no more hurt. Replacing all of that with freedom, joy, peace, healthy relationships, strong families, love, purity and so much more.

This morning let’s be empowered to bring salvation and praise back to front and center of our city. Let’s say yes to working side by side with God in rebuilding and in co-labouring with Him to transform the lives of those around us. Let’s change the whole climax and atmosphere of Montreal. Let’s make it Grand again, known throughout our nation that Jesus is lord.

So wherever you are, if you have said yes to a salvation through Jesus Christ you are a carrier of this promise. You get to be part of this, say YES.

- Melanie Laberge

Young Adults Ministry Leader

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