What I love about this scripture is that it points to a God that wants to bless us, a God that provides peace over our lives. Yet, how many times do we forget this? We say things like “I don’t deserve his blessings” or “THEY are highly blessed” and tend to use this scripture in reference to someone else. But God is saying “I will exchange your bronze for gold”, He will use what you already have and will make it better, stronger and greater. Isn’t it amazing how God goes from bronze straight to gold and bypasses silver, what this says to me is that God wants to give us the very best in every circumstances of our lives.

Looking more closely at this scripture, Isaiah is speaking to a group of people who have turned away from God and who have been living a religious life instead of building a relationship with Him. Yet in the last chapters of Isaiah, he speaks of blessings, hope and reconciliation. How incredible is our Father? Even when we turn our backs on Him, he will never turn His back on us! And I believe this scripture is so relevant for Montreal. For many years, Quebec has been ruled with a spirit of religion and in some ways has cause the Christ followers to go in “exile”, by trying to remove God from it’s core identity. But the promise Isaiah is speaking over the people is a promise we can hold on to for Quebec. God says he will bring his people back to their homeland and will exchange their bronze for gold (Isa 60:17), and I believe if He could do it then, He can do it now! It is the time for us as Christ followers to come back from “exile” and take Montreal back! We need to start believing that God wants to bless this nation, and only when we recognize this truth can He begin to empower us.

God also speaks of peace and righteousness, a peace that can only be found through him. As we pray and fast for what God will be doing in our city, let’s remember that God is in the middle of it all. Whatever journey He brings you on, He will provide you with the peace and strength to carry through. We might believe we do not deserve his blessings or strength, but by putting our trust and faith in Him, he makes us worthy. Our Father has an incredible heart for our nation, so all let’s start claiming the blessings He has for us!

- Julie Laberge

Youth Leader

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