Day 17

It would be a mistake for us to think that our prayer and fasting couldn’t make an impact as significant as what we read in Esther 4. You might need a situation to change but are powerless to make that happen. Perhaps you need a circumstance to turn a corner that is out of your hands. Or maybe a decision has been made, and you are desperate to see God bring about a reversal.

The truth is, your time of fasting and prayer has the power to change the hearts of people in your family, your workplace, and your city!

This is your time to see God work miracles so amazing that the only explanation will be God’s mighty power.



God is always on the move, advancing His Kingdom in the most wonderfully mysterious of ways!

In what ways can you see that the act of you marking time in your margin, of purposing and leaning in to hear God's heart, praying, fasting, can have impact on the lives of those around you? Have you noticed any change in your immediate circle of family, of friends or colleagues?

Please feel free to share below so we can celebrate with you!

------------------came as a result of your dedication to seeking Him wholeheartedly!

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