Day 15

Expectation [ex-pec-ta-tion] noun: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.

One of the results of the time we spend in prayer and fasting is an increase in our expectation of God’s work in our lives. In other words, our faith grows!

Spending time in God’s presence has a way of strengthening and recharging these expectations. In fact, it’s God’s will that we would live with great expectation that we are going to experience His miraculous power. His Word is full of promises that declare how God always has our best interests in mind.

There is a holy confidence that comes as a result of spending time seeking the Lord. So, whatever you’re praying and believing for, live with great expectation and certainty that God is going to move!



Do you have testimony of how God has moved in your life these last two weeks? What we think of big or small are all significant, for they are all progression of Kingdom-come, of God's great supply in our lives!⁠

The great thing about testimony is that each one we hear whets our appetite - to believe and anticipate seeing them in our own lives. It inspires the imagination of each of them, like jewels, gathered together as a great symphonic opus of praise glorifying our God, Jesus and Holy Spirit! One thing is for sure: God's miracles haven't ceased. You are living proof. Right here. Right now.⁠

Believe in the beyond imagining bigness of God, and of His love for you to be made manifest in the big, in the small, and in the everything-in-between. Steward them all in faith and trust in Him to bring even greater!⁠

Share your testimony of the small, the big and the in-between below!⁠

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