Yesterday's passage gave us a glimpse into a pivotal moment in Daniel's 21-day fast.

Speaking with the pre-incarnate Christ, Daniel is given supernatural understanding into what’s been happening in the spiritual realm during his fast. Jesus tells him the very first day he began fasting; things began to change.

As we read on, we discover that the Lord was fighting for Daniel in the unseen world from the moment that he humbled himself before God in prayer and fasting.

There are powers and forces constantly working in the spiritual realm in ways that we cannot see and that we may never understand on this side of eternity.

It might feel as though nothing is happening. But God wants us to know that since the FIRST DAY we began the fast, things began to change.

Your situation might not look like it’s changed yet, but Daniel and the Apostle Paul in today's passage remind us that even though we can’t see it, we can know that God is fighting for us and victory is coming!



Today's reading and devotional reveal to us a stunning truth. From the very moment you began this prayer and fasting journey, God's supernatural realm was set in motion to bring Kingdom into manifestation in your life, into our world! Think about that! In the very millisecond you made that step, a transformative shift was flipped into gear in the heavenlies! And it hasn't stopped!

Your prayers, your fasting are EFFECTIVE and POWERFUL! They are part of the greater glory that God is ushering in, the great recalibration and harvest that is coming in our days! Maybe that's why the enemy tries to distract us so?

You may not yet see the results with the naked eye, but my friend, you WILL, for God wills what you have released in heaven to be made manifest on earth!