Day 12

Prayer and fasting are some of the key ways we can accelerate the Lord’s blessing in our lives. But these spiritual disciplines also cultivate a greater sensitivity to God’s voice and open our eyes to what God is doing in the unseen. In Daniel 10 we see an incredible result of Daniel's seeking the Lord through prayer and fasting. On day 24, three days following the fast, Daniel’s spiritual eyes and ears are opened as he sees and talks with the brilliance of the pre-incarnate Christ!

Through this miraculous encounter, Daniel is given supernatural strength and insight into the future because he prayed and fasted!

God wants to strengthen His people, and fasting helps bring that supernatural strength! Even when your body feels weak from fasting, know that God is strengthening you spiritually! What situation have you been praying for but have yet to see answered? Whether it’s the restoration of a broken relationship, the salvation of a relative or co-worker, or a breakthrough financially, fasting is the path for believers to see and hear from God. As you are fasting and praying, remember, supernatural results are on their way!



Many can't figure out why anyone would want to go without something, deny themselves of anything, and as such spiritual disciplines are often a mystery to many. Yet, we are encouraged to practice them, and fasting is one such discipline that allows us the opportunity to remove distractions and devote time to nourish and strengthen our spirit. When you consider that we are created spirit first and then clothed as man or women, surely our innermost deserves nourishment to keep it strong, resilient, focused, refreshed and renewed. More than deserving, it is essential!

No one wants this for us more than God Himself, than Jesus, than His Spirit who sets to work infusing our spirits with supernatural health. God deems you worth and worthy of such essential care and the focus of the Holy Spirit's tender care and attention in this regard. Let's remember this as we move together into the second half of our prayer and fasting together!

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