When we look at the stories throughout Scripture, we often see that new and spiritually significant seasons in people’s lives were preceded by fasting. Moses fasted before he received the law and Jesus fasted before the start of his earthly ministry.

Acts 13:2 shows us how fasting can bring new ministry into our lives: “While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, ‘Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.’ Then after fasting and praying, they laid their hands on them and sent them off.”

Through praying and fasting, new ministry began for the church in the New Testament and you never know what the Lord will speak to you regarding your future as you fast! There is one thing you can be sure of: whatever change the Lord brings, you can live with a holy expectation of great things. God won’t send you without an anointing and preparation for what is to come.



Have you considered that apart from the bold prayers you're bringing to the altar, and the breakthroughs you're praying into manifestation for yourself, your loved ones, your community, city, province, nation, that God just might be lining things up during this fast to launch YOU into a fresh, new, exciting and anointed adventure for the next season? That you are just the right loved one to do it - that He WANTS to embark on it with? That He's setting you apart for a special mission, one initiated by Him for you to partner with Him to bring another level of Heaven to earth?

Today, take some time to sit and dream with Him. What dreams might He be re-firing? What ideas does He seem to be rounded out and adding substance to? What thoughts does He place on your heart that you know you could never achieve without Him taking you by the hand? Write them down, and listen to that still, small voice, and journal what He seems to be saying to you!

... and share below so we can cheer you on!