“Your gates will always stand open, they will never be shut, day or night, so that people may bring you the wealth of the nations - their kings led in triumphal procession”

Isaiah 60:11

I believe this scripture is a promise for the city of Montreal. Not only will God continue to bring wealth and prosperity to our great city, but the gates of our city and province will always be open to the nations. Our city has a great purpose, and we get to be part of what God is doing here; not just in Montreal, but in the province.

According to this scripture, we are also meant to be part of a “triumphal procession”. What a great picture of how we need to join and lead what God has for Montreal in triumph!

We as Believers and Seekers also have a commission to reach out to our neighbours and those around us to see them come into the full purpose and plan of a loving and gracious Father. I believe church was never meant to be a spectator sport, but we are all meant to be participants.

My story shows how God is calling back to our city of Montreal and the province of Quebec those who love God and are excited to join his great plans.

My wife and I are here as a result of listening to the purpose of God for our lives. After being a Believer for many years, I felt there was more in the scriptures about Jesus and his great commission to see others come to Christ through grace. I began a 5 year search of the Bible to find a greater purpose for my life. Around the time I began to pray, I heard Pastor Andrew preach at a men’s breakfast a few years ago,  and thought to myself, “I have to keep an eye on this guy,”and began to follow Resurgent on Social Media. His story about being from Australia and being called to a different nation, language and way of life inspired me to watch the growth of Resurgent from the beginning, and how they were seeking to reach and impact the lives of people living in Quebec. At the time we were travelling to Ottawa from our town to attend a wonderful church, but never felt we could settle in because of the distance. When my job took me back to Montreal, the travel became harder and harder. I met with our Pastor, and he encouraged me to check out Resurgent. My wife and I started to attend the church only a month or two after the West Island location was launched. We felt accepted right away as a part of the family, and knew we had found a home. Although our travel was cut down, we were still travelling 50 minutes every week, sometimes twice, to be a part of the church. After travelling for over a year, I felt it was time to make a bold move.  After much prayer, my wife and I decided to put our house on the market and look at a re-location. We knew it was God’s perfect timing when our house sold in under three days. We believe we are in a now season here in Montreal. We are excited to be firmly in the purposes of God, and are excited to be a part of His great plan and destiny for this city. I also believe this is just the beginning! We at Resurgent are believing in the great purpose of being a part of seeing people’s hearts and lives open to the great destiny of God and everything he has for them. I invite you to listen and be a part of what God is doing in the great city and area of Montreal. Together we can see the city continue to thrive and grow into a place where our doors are never closed, but open to people day and night!

- Marc L'Ecuyer

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