Foreigners will rebuild your walls, and their kings will serve you. Though in anger I struck you, in favor I will show you compassion.

Isaiah 60:10 NIV

In this scripture it is mentioned that “foreigners” will rebuild the walls, and in Montreal I believe this scripture fits perfectly with our city. Many people come from different places for different reasons, some maybe work, family, the state of the country or place they were previously in, or more commonly students coming here to get an education. For whatever reason many people come “foreigners” to Montreal.

This scripture prophecies that many people from many places will put their hand to the plow and rebuild what was once a sight to be seen.

I believe that is a prophetic word for our city, that the people and stories that flow into Montreal will not just come here and leave but that they will become apart of the rebuilding of a great cities spiritual walls.

Not many people may know my story and I will be sharing more of it in days to come, that is something God has given me peace about but for today I will share about my family and our coming to Montreal!

As many of you may know I am a pastor's kid! And so my family moved to Montreal about 8 years ago and my father was working in ministry. To make a long story shorter, things didn't go as planned and we ended up leaving that church. For about a year my family pushed through a difficult time I myself went through a tough period where I didn't have an anchor. After a year of many things my family found out and attended Resurgent first launch service.

I had many day when I had to ask myself how did we end up coming to resurgent but the answer that God gave we was that my family “foreigners” came to aid in the rebuilding of this cities spiritual walls and although we went through a tough time financially & spiritually Gods promises never fail. And although it may look different Gods promises never fail.

And so my encouragement to everyone today is that God's plans for our lives our good and his timing is never wrong. And although there may be pain from the past this is the time to be planted and help rebuild a nation stronger than ever before.

The rest of the verse Goes on to speak of Kings that will come and serve and the compassion of God will be on us.

Revival is hard work as our Pastor Andrew put it, but it's what we are called to! And when the walls are build the blessing belong to the people who dwell in them, we get to be in on the blessing as we build!

- Justin Morrison

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