Fasting is about nearness.

Stop for a minute and consider Jesus’ words in the preceding verse.

Jesus’ analogy was all about nearness. He referred to Himself as the groom in a wedding party. At the moment Jesus spoke these words, His disciples were experiencing in-person communion with the Son of God, but Jesus knew there was coming a day when that nearness would be interrupted. And that day started the moment Jesus ascended to Heaven after His resurrection and continues right into the present. Though Jesus is present with us through the Holy Spirit, Paul said in 2 Corinthians 5:8, “We would prefer to be absent from the body and at home with the Lord.” In other words, every Christian experiences a kind of homesickness for the Savior.

During this time of fasting and prayer, we are acknowledging with our hunger that we want to be closer, and that is a cry that God will honor!



We're nearing half-way through our prayer and fasting together. Take a moment right now to let out a cheer of victory! We'll wait!

It's sometimes at this point in a fast that we are hounded by thoughts and enticing temptations to quit. Many times it is because we think we're alone in our journey, but we're not. This is what community is all about - standing with and encouraging one another to push back against that impulse, and instead draw even nearer to Jesus. Remember, the One inside you is greater than he who is of the world - and that, dear friend, makes you MORE than a conqueror in Jesus!

It's true: You ARE the right person, and you're in the right place!