This word ARISE is perfect for those who will be setting our alarms to pray together at 6am! However, even if you can’t do 6am because you are a hero who has already left the house, or you are the blessed ones who have more margin in bed (the Monday morning holy hangover says ‘Amen’), the vision I have for this 21 days is like an alarm going off and we literally sit up in bed, ready and alert. Expectant for what is coming to us. Hearts ready. Hands open. Minds alert.

If you don’t ‘arise’, you have no platform to shine. It’s like the Lord is waiting to shine, looking around, until He sees you rising, eager and expectant, face to the sun. Hopeful that He will meet you at your point of desire. This faith and expectation attracts His light, His grace and His favour. That is what we believe is on our House as @andrewhoyes preached yesterday.

Arising is intentional, it’s not accidental. Today what opportunity do you have to ‘arise’, to stand tall, stand out, shine and in turn attract the glory of God on you?

This means no longer hiding in the shadows, it means taking a risk, stepping out of your comfort zone. Tell us in which ways that happens for you today. And remember God’s glory is like a beacon light from a lighthouse searching for someone to shine on. Why not let that be you today. Yes it means you’re noticed, yes it means people are watching, yes it means head held high, loud and proud of whose you are. The earth is waiting for you to get this revelation! They need your rising and your light!

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