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Founding & Senior Pastor

Andrew and Vanessa have been married 23 years and have four beautiful daughters Indianna Hope, Avalon Jade, Eden Cleopatra, and Sahara Justice.


Andrew’s passion is seeing people reach their full potential in Christ. He has an Advanced Diploma in Christian Leadership, a Bachelors of Arts in Ministry, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. 


Vanessa’s passion is seeing people find wholeness. She has a Degree in Christian Counselling and works as a Life Coach and Church Consultant still to this day in the local church and in churches around the world.


Having found Jesus in their young adult years, they both served voluntarily and on staff positions at one of Australia's largest churches for over ten years, Hillsong Church.

They led ministries at Hillsong of thousands of people and there grew their passion for the House of God.


In 2003, they traveled to Canada and France with a desire to plant a church in either of those nations. However, a clear call from God came to pioneer a church on the Gold Coast, Australia and so they laid down their dreams for the Northern Hemisphere.


In 2004, they pioneered Generation Church with 9 people. For 10 years their church thrived, extended to three campuses on the Gold Coast and grew to over 2000 people. Over those 10 years, they released team to plant a church in Bali, Indonesia, and Chicago, USA; which are still thriving today.


Founding & Coaching Pastor
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Church planting has always been their passion and in 2014 God stirred that dormant dream in their hearts to relocate to the northern hemisphere. With a clear calling to Montreal, Quebec, in September 2014 they transitioned their church to be apart of another church launching on the Gold Coast so that the people of Generation Church would continue to thrive. People have always been their passion and leaving is never easy. 


However this calling required their all-in. They sold everything they owned, packed 6 bags as a family to French Canada, and for the past 7 years they faithfully served in Quebec building a two campus model church in the Northern America's most unreached people group.

They recently transitioned this church into a more established church family called Global Heart so that the work there would be sustained long term.

Now they have come to North East Florida through a role at Reverb Church to oversee Church Planting and Multiplication in the region. 


Although a local church itself, Reverb has committed to partner with the Hoyes to plant Resurgent Church and continue its mandate to expand the kingdom work across North East Florida.


So Andrew Hoyes with his family will offcially plant Resurgent Church in 2023.. 

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