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God, Money & Me

At Resurgent, it is our heart for you to experience financial freedom because we know the incredible impact this can have on your life, and the world entrusted to you. This Course & Book is one of the most trusted resources we can recommend to you to help in this area.


All too often we are led to believe that giving is the only solution needed to experience financial breakthrough. It is true that generosity is a kingdom value. However, you may be surprised to learn that giving alone will not create financial freedom. For that to occur, we require four main ingredients that, once activated on a foundation of revelation, will create a life and a future of financial breakthrough and blessing. God Money & Me will enable you to create a pathway to financial freedom and will equip you to establish a financial freedom for future generations.

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We are believing for an incredible sense of peace, provision, and joy as you lean all into His word during this series. 
We can't wait to see what Jesus will do in and through your obedience and trust.

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